About Us

HALIM AGRO FOODS LLP is a venture with its head office in Calicut, Kerala, and other branches in Delhi and Chennai. We aim at selling the highest quality frozen halal boneless buffalo meat, mutton, fish, fruits, and vegetables.”

We use latest technology with well-equipped and technically built state of art integrated abattoir cum meat processing plant. We see ourselves as a forwardlooking group of passionate frozen food professionals with the relevant experience to match.

We supply all kinds of pulses and spices to nourish and enhance your taste buds. Our keen interest is to preserve the naturality of the product and pack them with precision and quality.

We are well equipped with technology as well as employees with nearly 40 years of experience in this field.

We see ourselves as a forward looking group of passionate frozen food professionals with the relevant experience to match.

The Process...


The animals are procured from disease-free zones recognized by the Department of Animal Husbandry, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, India. Qualified veterinary doctors conduct the examination of the animals to ensure the quality of meat.

Slaughter method

Slaughtering is carried out strictly as per the Shariah guidelines for HALAL method under the supervision of representative of Jamiat Ulama Halal Foundation and a certificate is issued by the Jamiat Ulama Halal Foundation to this effect best cv writing services.



After stunning, animals area unit typically suspended by a limb and affected down a conveyor line for the slaughter procedures. This methodology permits for maximal blood removal from the body.


The meat plant has a production capacity of 170 MT per day certified by APEDA. Production is carried out under strict hygiene and sanitary conditions conforming to international standards.

Cold Chain

Chiller, Blast and Plate Freezers, Cold Storage and Refrigerated Containers to ensure proper storage of carcasses, Buffalo Deboned Meat,fish,fruits and vegetables etc. at a required temperature to maintain high quality of products.

Analytical Laboratory

The plant has an in-house analytical laboratory equipped with the latest instruments and equipment managed by experienced and qualified staff for testing meat samples.

Our mission

We are totally committed to the hygienic production of “safe halal meat” and quality veg,fruits that is why we are continuously striving and evolving to meet the consumer’s hygiene and quality needs. The quality assurance commitment is an integral part of the processing plant and is actively supported by the management.

We are processed to order, ensuring our customers the highest quality and fresh meat products. All these meat products are compulsorily examined by a team of efficient officials who issue a proper Health Certificate confirming suitability of product for consumption. Our commitment to total quality extends to all layers of the organization, empowering every individual – starting from processing to packing, to service and support and to meet our customers requirements.

  • Frozen buffalo meat
  • Frozen mutton
  • Frozen fish
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits

Our Expertise

Frozen buffalo meat 100%
Frozen mutton 100%
Frozen fish 100%
Vegetables 100%
Fruits 100%

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